We have rounded up the greatest list of the greatest fashion bloggers out there, so you can get amazing style inspiration, suggestions and information in a click. Citation wanted The interviewed Swedish fashion blog readers, stated previously, had also said that trend blogs had helped share and promote new trends to a much greater extent than other fashion mediums. Hansberry notes that selling yourself short could lead to promoting something which you don’t believe in, or perhaps worse, wearing something that your readers know you wouldn’t wear if you weren’t getting paid.

She states: In search of beauty from behind the camera lens through travel, streetstyle and style editorials”. Obviously, it takes commitment, time and a lot of hard work to reach that degree, but getting into fashion blog the game is now simpler than ever. With top-tier fashion bloggers participates in multimillion-dollar campaigns , it is no wonder each self-proclaimed fashionista wishes to launch a personal style site.

Givhan had also composed in Harpers Bazaar who ‘The growth of the trend blogger has evolved trend from an aristocratic business dominated by omnipotent designers into a democratic one where everybody has access to stylistic clothes…the typical individuals, also often estranged from fashion, is not taking possession of it’.

Jannel Therese cross-promotes new blog articles on her Twitter and Instagram. Roiland joined Vine when it started and gained a lot of readers since she had been one of the very few bloggers posting style-focused articles. Posts vary from visual inspiration and arty pics from insider press events to musings on emerging trends and designers.

Unlike mainstream publications and newspapers, which can be constricted to exactly what they write, blogs have the simplicity of writing about anything that interests writer(s), allowing for a broader spectrum of focused fashion tendencies. Founder of Independent Fashion Blogger (IFB), Jennine Jacob, said how thrilled she was to get the validation from high-end style designers (for instance, Proenza Schouler) which style blogging has an incredible impact on the fashion world.

Here are some practical tips and tricks from the 2016 Bloglovin’ Awards finalists to get H&M’s Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year. From new clothing lines to accessories to designer eyeglasses and fashion events to fashion trends and styles — these fashion bloggers Are a professional on everything fashion. This new consultant/content strategist/blogger utilizes Republic of Chic as a stage to share with her followers her personal style (sexy, slick, sophisticated), seasonal trends, beauty tips, Bangalore’s local fashion, and collaborations with brands such as Swarovski and Karishma Shahani Khan.

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