As an elder Confectionery,Chocolate and Biscuit machinery manufacturer, we are the initial manufactuer to construct the complete lineup for depositing hard candies in China and has more than 40 years fabrication experience. For more than 90 years Aasted has produced chocolate and centre depositors where in 1950 we created the planet’s largest moulding line. A elastic C-frame depositor on wheels for chips in a small degree or R&D purposes providing you precise and higher excellent chocolate chips. Thanks to its close collaboration with master chocolatiers and internationally renowned pastry chefs, Pomati was able to marry tradition with quality and technological advancement, by relying upon a skilled staff capable of meeting any obstacle and fulfilling any goal.

Depositor:solitary head/double heads and triple heads,till five heads. If the machine involves a flow-through system, it’s also feasible to accurately deposit quite modest chocolate volumes. The line comprised of pouring and draining structure and cooling tunnel. Our products sell well in domestic markets and are exported to the Mid East, South Africa, Southeast Asia, India, and Russia using a high view from customers.

The INFINITY LX may be utilized for many diverse applications making it an extremely flexible and versatile machine to have. The Aasted Nilshot is a depositor managing solid and stuffed chocolates. A AWEMA depositing machine model MICRO or UDM (Universal Depositing Machine) lets you create many popular chocolate products fully automated.

Depositing of white, black, milk chocolate, fat masses or even aerated masses into moulds, covers exactly what depositing is all about. Many years’ experience and earnings accomplishment prove that Shenmin is dependent chocolate tempering machine upon quality, profession, and brand to occupy the marketplace and is determined by service to obtain customers.

With the ARTIST-212 we achieved fully automation of most of the time-consuming labour work by combining a particular depositing system with the latest robotics. Shenmin will keep service and innovation of old or new customers with great quality products. With depositing you have lots of options to choose form, depending what your needs are.

The control board attached directly to the system allows simple and convenient management of all machine parameters. INFINITY X2 Table Top Chocolate Moulding Machine; 20kg tank capability. Our qualified sales staff as well as our client support will assist you throughout all the planning stages until your manufacturing is up and running.

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